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This could not come under the heading 'swinging', but I wonder when I think of smiles. A handful of years ago when I realized I was on the way, I had to call a potential customer in North Kent to visit. had information about the products they ordered care, so I called to make an appointment. now. You know, when you talk to someone, often for the first time, and think, 'she wants / to fuck me,' well, this was one of those occasions. took a few days later, armed with all my notes and samples. had just started his own business and had a small ( windowless! ?) The space within a larger facility. was a little older than me, dark, intelligent Fiercly, brain the size of a planet, not knowing, silly and literally oozing lust. any case, this first meeting was at 5 hours (!) As a result, I had to go back (!) With additional items, etc, etc (yes, yes, I know!) accompanied me to the car and gave mea big hug ! Gee, I thought, that never happened with keandra the client before! ( Actually.... was different, but that's another story ) Sun I have another appointment for next week and became a 5 minutes earlier, as any good salesman would do. keandra went to his small office, and she closed the door. I stayed in the corner and leaned against the bank, where he made ​​most of their work. rose, half kneeling on his chair - as starting blocks ready keandra to kick off waiting. I looked, smiled a smirky smile and said simply: 'Come here' and opened my arms. had his tongue in my mouth before she crossed the room was just to say : 'If I were you, I knew different from the rest. ' I've always wondered if he had tried to seduce others and their keandra representatives to down. Fools ! clothes were torn down at an alarming rate and it was at this point, keandra I suggested she closed the office door. Small to be completely naked at this time, caused keandra by the office and closed the door. (I thare sick, to convince me that this really happened! ) As we were sitting now, in his small office, naked, masturbating licking, caressing, fingers the keys, and all but full of shit. (Well, what do I know, I would have to be 'ready', huh ?) This has to be about an hour, during which time the sweat was running down the walls have gone! were together with her juices and my cum (instead of pleasing shot on the tits of the date!) Insert After cleaning and re- dressing, they were just casually drop in conversation that her husband worked in the same building, just two doors down n! I was also dead tired to really care or even understand what he said - until later. However, I think there was an 'agreement', so it was great. Nothing has come close since then, really, that is, I have no customers.... Shagged Ok, ok, I am the customer that the shop owner a few times Shagged - but that's just good manners, right? No? I sit nowfrom here with a smile remembering that strange meeting. never buy anything. The End
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